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Climate Change

Addressing Climate Change: Think Globally, Act Locally

Climate Change Reference Materials

  • Learn how you personally can take action against climate change.
  • Learn how you can join others to take action.

Solving Global Warming

Past Climate Change Efforts

In his inauguration address President Obama spoke to the importance of addressing climate change. On February 17 people in Washington D.C. and here in Los Angeles came together to demonstrate our support for strong action on climate change. The President's decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline will signal this administration's commitment to change. LWVLA co-sponsored the rally and encouraged members to attend.

For more info see the event Facebook site.

Climate change is real. The earth is warming, sea levels are rising and droughts and storms are becoming more severe.

We must act now to avoid the worst consequences. There is much you can do individually and in concert with others to change the tide.

You can make a difference.

Why locally?
Global warming may be a global problem but all greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) come from specific sources. In any city the source of electrical power, the buildings we live and work in and transportation account for nearly all of our greenhouse gas emissions.

What is LWV LA doing?
-Educating about climate change

-Advocating for city action to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions

-Advocating our position in the media

-Working with other climate change focused organizations

How can you help make change happen?

-Join the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles

-Join the CRaCC committee which meets monthly to discuss strategy and promote initiatives to address climate change locally. For more information email Margie Engel at

Learn more about League positions on climate change and explore this toolkit for action

Learn what California is doing to combat climate change.

Learn more about local impacts and action