Making Democracy Work

Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach is one of the three components of the Youth Services Initiative. The program was developed with the input of LWVLA interns. The purpose is to increase awareness of the voting process, voter registration, awareness of upcoming ballot issues, of voter participation in governance, and of the electoral process.

One of the LWVLA's most important tasks is to get more young people of pre-voting age to be informed about issues in their community, to be engaged in the civic life, and to develop leadership skills. It is vital to reach America's future voters while they are still in high school and particularly those from marginalized and economically disadvantaged communities to instill these skills and knowledge before they are of the voting age. By learning about government and politics, these students are much more likely not only to play a leadership role in efforts to make a positive difference in their neighborhood, but also to encourage others to do so.