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Speakers Bureau

The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles will provide trained speakers to talk on ballot propositions and other topics.

The League provides trained, informative, and non-partisan speakers to groups and organizations on a range of topics from the nuts and bolts of upcoming ballot measures to broad discussions of `why have elections?'. Speakers are available on such topics as:

  • The Pros & Cons of upcoming ballot measures (both state and local) including bonds, initiatives, and propositions

  • League positions on specific ballot measures

  • Understanding newly enacted legislation

  • How to evaluate candidates

  • Political clout - how to make a difference as a voter

  • Voter turnout/why people don't vote

The League's speakers review the background and discuss the Pros & Cons for their topic and will often provide written material as well as resources for further research.

Speakers are available both day and evening. The fee for speaking engagements is based on the number of people attending. To schedule a speaker or receive more information please contact the League office at (213) 368-1616 or e-mail : .

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